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    General mechanic in Brome Lake
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    service for all vehicles
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 Mechanics for all vehicles

We repair all components of your vehicle such as engine, steering, shocks, brakes, exhaust system and more. Our mechanics are experienced on cars and light trucks of all vehicles manufacturers.

We repair brand vehicles such as

 Preventive maintenance and recommended by the manufacturer

Ding's Garage is the right place to maintain your car or light truck. We care for all vehicles as recommended by automobile manufacturers.

We take care of all vehicles according to the recommendations of the car manufacturers.

 wheels alignment

We are equipped with the most recent technology of wheels alignment tools to provide you the fastest and very efficient service of wheels alignment in Brome Lake.
alignement des roues

 Engine and electric problem

We have electronic tools to verify the condition of your engine and also all the differents parts of your automobile. If you see the "check engine" lights on, in your car dashboard, come to visit us at Ding's Garage to know more about it.
entretien electronique Voyants lumineux

 Replacement of auto parts





Water pump

Pompe à eau